Creating an CNFT

First NFT created on

Tried creating an NFT for the first time using

The process was fairly simple. Add wallet, transfer some ada over, select your art piece, create a policy id and register for royalty token (optional if you wish to have royalty). Once minted as your asset, set it up for sale and boom its up on the marketplace! 

The process took me about 30 mins and ~2.9Ada. But it was well worth seeing our art painting go up on

So here’s our psychedelic interpretation of a modern day Miss Ada Lovelace.

Inspired by our vast human imagination, this original painting by Miss Jelly (a Singaporean art hobbyist) captures a bold modern day conceptualisation of Miss Ada Lovelace through a myriad of different and bold colours. Part of a first edition, this is specially released only as an NFT on the Cardano blockchain

Priced at 65Ada, as a single NFT!