Dog pool is set up on Epoch 273 by a team of four, who provides English, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and Spanish support 

The pool currently has 4 delegators with an active stake of $634k and 30k Ada pledge. It currently charges 1% fees and has minted 6 lifetime blocks. 

Help Dog mint more blocks and contribute towards dog welfare and charities!

Why them?

As anyone can probably guess from the pool ticker, this pool mission is about caring for men best friends. Part of their monthly rewards is committed towards dog welfare across different canine charities. 

Although they are a relatively new pool, they had already made a first donation towards a taiwanese canine charity, in Pingtung county.

 Besides climate consciousness, we at Huat believe that in supporting animal welfare mission driven pools. Dogs embrace a lot of good traits that we can learn from; loyalty, pure love, tenacity, teamwork and sometimes, we really just do not treat them (or other animals) well enough. 

The team behind this pool is  multi-lingual and provides support in 5 different languages, which would enhance the outreach to more native speakers. The team is also active on social media, sharing news/ updates in these various languages

As such, they are well deserving to earn one of the spots on our showcase initiative. Do give DOG pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:

Huat to DOG–> Suggestion for improvement: Perhaps the team could share more on your website about the infrastructure currently used for pool operations. All the best in improving your stake and getting your next few blocks soon!