Our Tenets and Rates

We strictly adhere with Cardano’s fundamental vision of a decentralised community.

As a single-stake pool operator functioning from a safe and reliable geolocation, our delegators can be assured that Huatpool has a secure and consistent block production infrastructure in place to earn rewards together. 

Latest Rewards Summary



Fast and reliable Internet speed at 1Gbps
24/7 dependability for your safety
amd, ryzen, processor
Future-proof and robust performance with 16GB RAM

Official Wallets

Yoroi Wallet
Daedalus Wallet

Both Yoroi and Daedalus official wallets are developed respectively by Emurgo and IOG.

Quick guide on delegating to Huatpool

Please refer to Section “Buy/Delegate Ada” for more in-depth guide. We will be using screenshots from Yoroi here for reference purposes. 

– Create a digital wallet
– Purchase Ada, send to wallet
– Under “Delegation List”, select Huatpool to view our statistics
– Select “Delegate” to confirm delegation. 
– Wait 3 Epochs for your first rewards (refer to the 
delegation cycle and video)

Delegating to Huatpool - Yoroi