Our Tenets and Rates

We strictly adhere with Cardano’s fundamental vision of a decentralised community.

As a single-stake pool operator functioning from a safe and reliable geolocation within Southeast Asia, our delegators can be assured that Huatpool is professionally managed with a secure and consistent block production infrastructure in place. Let’s Huat together, one block a time! 

Latest Rewards Summary

100th Block Milestone Initiatives

1) Our Journey towards a better natural world

2) Showcasing other SPOs

a) Based on a six-tier average active stake amount every quarter of the year (about 18-20 Epochs)

b) To the best of our ability, Huatpool will donate a one-time corresponding sum at the end of every quarter, through Singapore’s Garden City Fund, to plant trees and/or corals.

Current Quarter: Epoch 275 – 293  Stake with Huatpool today and be part of our journey towards a better natural world. At current stake, we will be planting 1 tree at end quarter.

Click here for more details on our initiatives.

a) We believe that a decentralized, globally diversified ecosystem will make the CardanoCommunity stronger.

b) Huatpool will zoom in on a deserving SPO who could use some help to grow, before the end of every Epoch. Factors considered include blocks minted, active stake & initiatives etc

A call to SPOs, if you are keen to be part of this, do connect us via Twitter/ Telegram/ Email. There are no hidden costs/ fees to involved. It may not be much, but we hope every bit contributes towards your pool.



Fast and reliable Internet speed at 1Gbps
24/7 dependability for your safety
amd, ryzen, processor
Future-proof performance : 16GB RAM

Official Wallets

Yoroi Wallet. Developed by Emurgo
Daedalus Wallet. Developed by IOG

Fast guide on delegating to Huatpool

Delegating to Huatpool - Yoroi

Please refer to Section “Buy/Delegate Ada” for more in-depth guide. 
– Create a digital wallet. Purchase Ada, send to wallet
– Under “Delegation List”, select Huatpool to view our statistics and click “Delegate” to confirm delegation. 
– Wait 3 Epochs for your first rewards (refer to the 
delegation cycle and video)