Latest Epoch Summary

*For a full representation on pool performance, Huat will adopt the Lifetime ROS from Pooltool in our regular pool updates 

Pool Infrastructure

*All infrastructure are upgradable, depending on future network growth and requirements

Official Cardano Statistics

*Information derived from CoinGecko. The prices here may differ slightly from exchanges or other oracles

*Adapools ROA stats reflected above are based on solely on delegator’s estimated rewards.

Official Cardano Wallets

Yoroi Wallet. Developed by Emurgo
Daedalus Wallet. Developed by IOG

*Note: The above are the two official wallets developed by IOG/ Emurgo. Based on recent progress on smart contractrs, both IOG and Emurgo are  reviewing the wallets to better manage user experiences.

There are other privately developed and reputable wallets such as ccvault, Nami, Typhoon which are easy to use and may have better/faster interfaces particular to specific NFTs marketplaces / Dexes. Please DYOR and download only from official sources

Fast Guide on Delegating to Huatpool

Delegating to Huatpool - Yoroi

Please refer to Section “Buy/Delegate Ada” for more in-depth guide. 
– Create a digital wallet. Purchase Ada, send to wallet
– Under “Delegation List”, select Huatpool to view our statistics and click “Delegate” to confirm delegation. 
– Wait 3 Epochs for your first rewards (refer to the 
delegation cycle and video)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An epoch is a time parameter within the Cardano Ecosystem. Each epoch lasts for five days. 

Example: Epoch 256 was between 28 Mar – 1 Apr 2021.

Our pledge is 200,000 ADA. Based on statistics from Adapools, the current average pledge of all stake pools is ~150,000 ADA.

We hope this reflects our commitment to the Cardano eco-system and responsibility to all our delegators.

Our fixed cost is 340 Ada per Epoch + a variable margin fee of 0.8%. The fees are for providing the services of validating transactions and minting blocks for the Cardano network. 

ADA is the main currency of the Cardano Ecosystem.

There are 3 main ways to buy ADA in Singapore. Please refer to “How to Buy/ Delegate” section for more details 
a) Independent Reserve
b) mobile app 
c) Coinhako (as of writing, Coinhako team has updated that they are still working on their send module and there are no firm ETA to enable the wallet/send function.)

– Access your wallet.
– Click “Delegation List”
– Select “Huat”
– Delegate

Please refer to “How to Buy/ Delegate” section for more details.

Note: all your ADA will be automatically staked with the pool (minus the 2.17ADA staking fee). However, do not worry as the ADA does not leave your wallet, it is simply delegated to a stake pool.

There is no minimum staking amount to start delegation to any stake pool. However you need to have a minimum of 2.17 ADA to start staking ( 2 ADA to register your wallet for delegation and 0.17 ADA for one-time transaction fee). 

After you have successfully delegated to a stake pool, and presuming that your delegated pool is minting blocks regularly, it takes n+4 epochs or 20 days to receive your first rewards

The estimated ROA is ~3.5-4.5% in the long term, and is dependent on various factors such as actual assignment of slots, amount of pledge/ live stake, stability and processing power of hard/software infrastructure etc. The ROA is expected to decrease over time.


Yes. There are no termination fees if you choose to withdraw your ADA from Huatpool. However, do note that there is the 0.17 ADA transaction fee to change delegation pool. 

We had the same questions about investing cryptocurrencies initially. Seeing Bitcoin surge and fall dramatically is not for the general retail investors with a lower penchant for risk.

Cardano’s philosophy of decentralisation and vision of banking the unbanked, allows it to be overseen and managed by the Cardano Ecosystem itself, vastly reducing the speculative components. Its primary Proof-of-Stake concept requires the pool owner to have his own pledged funds in his pool in order to be allocated with block production (which then comes with its own rewards). In that aspect, price surges are less likely, but rewards are more consistent.

In gist, Cardano ADA is more like passive investing, with an annualised estimated return of ~5% (refer to above FAQ on estimated returns). 

We at Huatpool believes in this vision, and are committed to help improve the Cardano Ecosystem. 

Life Of The Huat Pool Operator

♠ Grew up in the tropical Southeast Asian country of Singapore. Graduated from National University of Singapore in Real Estate(Bsc).

♠ Technology, blockchain, nature and music enthusiast

♠ Avid traveler and visited 48 countries counting. Enjoys a nice cup of tea, a good hike, and  experiencing different cultures. Aiming for lifetime 100 countries.

♠ Speaks English, Mandarin, Spanish

♠ Aligned with Cardano’s philosophy of decentralization. Believes that every individual should have the ability to make their own informed choices, based on similar opportunities. Let’s Huat together!