Supported Causes

Plant a Tree/ Seed a Reef
Veritree By Cardano Foundation
Showcasing other SSPOs & Project Catalyst

Pool Initiatives

1) Our Journey For A Better Natural World

2) Showcasing Other SSPOs 

a) To our best ability, Huat will donate a one-time corresponding sum at the end of every quarter, through Singapore’s Garden City Fund, to plant trees and/or corals. This would be based on a six-tier average active stake amount every quarter (about 12-16 Epochs)

b) Cardano Foundation announced a First Global Impact Challenge, aiming to plant 1m trees. On top of GCF, Huat will make a random donation between 15 – 500Ada towards CF’s mission and other future Global Impact Challenges, depending on pool performance and tiers achieved every quarter.

We made a 10th donation to Garden City Fund on end Epoch 440

Current Quarter: Epoch 459- 477 Stake with Huat today and be part of our journey towards a better natural world. At current stake, we will be planting 1 tree or 2 corals at end quarter.

Click here for more details on our initiatives

a) As IOHK Chief Scientist Prof Aggelos Kiayias thoughtfully shared, we believe that a decentralized, diversified ecosystem will make the CardanoCommunity stronger and more resilient. This will future proof the blockchain, allowing it to become a global, secure and safe system for all to use. 

b) Every biannually, we will showcase 10 other deserving smaller SPOs. Factors considered include blocks minted, active stake & initiatives etc. 

Official Donations

As of Epoch 458, Huat has made the following donations:

♠ $3,000SGD for 10 trees through for Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree campaign.
♠ 115 Ada for 115 trees though Veritree First Edition Initial Tree Offering.

A Big Thank You to all our delegators who helped made this possible!

Like Charles, we love reconnecting w nature and geocaching is a great real-life treasure hunt activity. Every donated tree is named after a person who inspired Cardano and Huat will be tagging a geocache near to each tree. Hopefully this allows everyone to enjoy a little exploration to the many parks in Singapore and visit the Cardano Trees of Singapore. If you manage to log the cache, do take a photo of the tree and tag us. 

1) Byron Tree:

♠ Species: Diospyros Buxifolia

Type: Big tree, up to 35m tall. Elliptic / Rhomboid leaf blades with small flowers. Food plant for caterpillars

♠ Planted in Beng Wan Road Playground on 23 Apr 2022

2) Shelley Tree:

♠ Species: Ardisia Elliptica 

♠ Type: Small sized tree, up to 8m tall. Alternate stalk leaves that are fleshy or leathery. Attracts Pearly-banded Bee. Round reddish purple berries

♠ Planted along Tampines Ave 1 (in front of Blk 895) on 6 Jan 2023

3) Goguen Tree:

♠ Species: Gardinia Carinata

♠ Type: Small sized tree, up to 15m tall. Elliptic leaves with fragrant flowers shaped like pinwheels and round fruits. Food plant for caterpillars.

♠ Planted along Jalan Tan Tock Seng on 20 Jan 2023

4) Basho Tree: 

♠ Species: Planchonella Obovata

♠ Type: Small to medium-sized tree, up to 28m tall. It has alternate, stalked leaves with leathery leaf blades and a coppery golden appearance. Listed as vulnerable, this native species can be found in secondary rainforests, mangroves or coastal forests.

♠ Planted along Binchang Rise Playground on 27 May 2023

5) Voltaire Tree: 

♠ Species: Planchonella Obovata

♠ Type: Small to medium-sized tree, up to 28m tall. It has alternate, stalked leaves with leathery leaf blades and a coppery golden appearance. Listed as vulnerable, this native species can be found in secondary rainforests, mangroves or coastal forests.

♠ Planted along West Coast Park Connector on 23 Jun 2023

6) Vasil Tree:

♠ Species: Gardenia Tubifera

Type: Small tree, up to 8-15m tall under cultivation in hilly terrains. Has attractive white pale yellow fragrant flowers. Food plant for caterpillars.

Planted in Woodlands Town Park East on 26 Mar 2022.

7) Alonzo Tree: 

♠ Species: Lagerstroemia floribunda

♠ Type: Small to medium-sized tree, up to 28m tall. When mature, it has dark green leaves and when young, coppery-red leaves. The tree is capable of blooming several times a year with individual ribbed brown scruffy flowers and flower buds. Velvety crinkled petals fade from rich mauve to pale pink to creamy-white with age and it appears that the tree can produce flowers of different colours. It is mostly found in wet tropical regions.

♠ Planted along Tiong Bahru Park on 24 Jun 20235

8) Valentine Tree: 

♠ Species: Tristaniopsis Obovata

♠ Type: A tall tree that can grow up to 30m in height with a flaky bark. It has alternate stalked leaves with thick leathery leaf blades and small, musky-scented flowers with white petals. Its capsule fruits are 6 by 5mm, and when ripened, splits open into 3 parts and releases flat seeds.

♠ Planted along Clementi Ave 1 on 29 Sep 2023

9) Ouroboros Tree: 

♠ Species: Bouea Oppositifolia (Plum Mango)

♠ Type: A native and critically endangered tree that can grow up to 43min height. The fissure bark changes from grey to light brown to red and it has obovate leaves that grows in opposite arrangement. Flowers are small and clustered, with yellow fruits. This species can be found in tropical lowland forests, up to 600m in altitude.

♠ Planted: Planted in Dairy Farm Quarry on 26 Jan 2024

10) Conway Tree: 

♠ Species: Gardenia Sootepensis 

♠ Type: A tree that can grow up to 10m tall with thin leathery leaves and 5-petal flowers. It has a hard elliptical fruit

♠ Planted: Planted along Lor 5 Toa Payoh

11) First Edition Veritree:

♠ Species: Avicennia Germinans

♠ Type: Small Tree/ shrubs, up to 12m tall. Native to coastal lagoons and brackish water estuaries. Provide feeding, breeding, and nursery grounds for a great variety of fish, birds, and other wildlife.

♠ Planted in Mtwapa Creek, Kenya on 22 Mar 2022

Supporting the growth of the Cardano Eosystem

Project Catalyst is a community-led on-chain governance that allows the ecosystem to self determine growth priorities and enable /deploy funding to proposals which tackle a range of challenges, including educational, development, outreach etc.

With min 500 ADA, you would be able to cast your vote on your chosen proposals. Project Catalyst is divided into a series of funds which restarts every six weeks. Since our pool inception on Epoch 257, we had participated from Project Catalyst Fund 5 onwards, with a maximum cap of 6 proposals for each funding round to keep our voting meaningful. 

Next up, IOG has announced a temporary pause to Fund 10 for repositioning and process improvements. Please refer to the official announcement here. If you are interested, you may register to provide your feedback or suggested improvements. Registration was initially slated to commence on 5 Jan 2023. Voting will begin thereafter (Note: if its your first time, please save your QR code & Pin code) . For details on the timeline/ eligibility/ stage details, please refer to here. We hope our contribution helps improve the ecosystem.

Happy voting! 

Fund 5 results:

Voted for:
🗳️ Testnet Cardanoscan Explorer
🗳️ Cardano Rust SDK update for Alonzo
🗳️ C# SDK for Blockfrost API

🗳️ Cardano Connector 
🗳️ Catalyst Community Tools
🗳️ Liqwid Protocol Security Audit   

Fund 6 results:

Voted for:
🗳️ Plutus PAB Typescript SDK
🗳️ Cardanoscan API Service
🗳️ Multisig For Building EVM Bridge
🗳️ Community Tools Maintenance/Updates
🗳️ Maladex: Algorithmic Swaps Protocol
🗳️ Maladex: Cardano Index Funds

Fund 7 results:

Voted for:
Nunet: Decentralized SPO computing
Sustainable AI anti-fakenews System
Interoperability within Atala Prism
On-Chain Data Analytics
Stakeboard: Social Staking Platform
The Cardano Carbon Footprint

Fund 8 results:

Voted for:
🗳️ Nunet: Decentralised GPU ML Cloud
🗳️ NFT Content Delivery as a Service
🗳️ Plutarch: typed eDSL in Haskell
🗳️ Cardano Forest in Vietnam
🗳️ Wolfram Cross-Chain Framework
🗳️ PeopleCert DevOps Pilot on Cardano

Fund 9 results:

Voted for:
🗳️ Atala Prism zKP + Hyperledger Aries
🗳️ OpenSource Metamask <=>₳ Integration 🗳️ Plural Voting and Identity for DAOs
🗳️ Cardano Asia TikTok Channel
🗳️ Community CIP Editor: 1 year budget
🗳️ Handle Personalisation | Ada Handle

Fund 10 results:

Voted for:
🗳️ Visual Explorer 
🗳️ Nunet: Running OSS ChatGPT alternatives
🗳️ Nunet: Decentralized GPU splitting 
🗳️ Nunet: Decentralized GPU Clusters research
🗳️ Wolfram: AI revolution
🗳️ IOG Catalyst team: Ideascale replacement

Fund 11 results:

Voted for: 
🗳️ Xerberus Nodes: A Decentralized Risk Rating Agency on Cardano for the World
🗳️ Open Source Identity Wallet for Atala PRISM 2.0 and Academic Certificates
🗳️ Research Guild: Blockchain Governance Report
🗳️ Catalyst Working Groups Research & Scoping Analysis by IOG Catalyst Team, Rare Evo, and Sustainable ADA
🗳️ Wolfram Marlowe Smart Contract Execution
🗳️ Wolfram Price Feed Infrastructure