Buying Ada in Singapore

To begin your journey into the world of Cardano, you first need to purchase some of their currency ADA. However, with the myriad of crypto exchanges offering different rates and services, it can be quite challenging for a newcomer to navigate / purchase ADA from any of these sources. In this page, we hope to break down the 2 main ways to purchase ADA in Singapore, and how to delegate it to your selected stake pool to earn rewards.

Let’s go! 

1. Xfers >>> Binance SG >>>

Binance Sg

Yes you need to open and link 3 accounts with Xfers, Binance SG and To open an account, you would need to provide some form of identification. If you are a Singapore Citizen, the registration process for Xfers and Binance SG would be relatively straightforward as you are able to use Singpass. You should cater minimally 2 weeks for all the accounts to be fully setup.

a) Xfers is a major payment institution, licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, for the provision of e-money issuance services. For any account, Xfers allow you to transact a maximum of $30,000sgd per year (from first transaction). On a daily basis, each account can hold up to a maximum of $5000 under the digital wallet account. Deposits can be done via bank transfer and is effected typically within 15mins. 

b) Binance SG is a digital platform to purchase cryptocurrencies in Singapore. Once registered, you would need to link your Xfers account before you are able to use your funds in Xfers to trade in Crypto/SGD pairs. Each purchase transaction will incur a 0.6% fee from Xfers. As of writing, there are currently 8 trading pairs for the other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH. Unfortunately, ADA is not yet included as a trading pair. So we can only purchase BTC/SGD or ETH/SGD here. 

c) is an international crypto exchange offering most trading pairs available. Although there are many other exchanges, is highly regarded and more secure. Once you have purchased your BTC/ ETH in Binance SG, you would need to send them to your address. As of writing, each transaction costs 0.0004 BTC (~$30SGD) and it takes about an hour to be reflected on Thereafter, you would be able swap your BTC or ETH into ADA. 

Now you are the proud holder of some ADA, you can transfer them to your preferred digital wallet (Daedalus or Yoroi) or use a Ledger Nano for cold storage of your ADA. Note: try not to leave them on the exchange unless you wish to stake with the exchange itself (not recommended). 

2. Coinhako /


The second way of purchasing ADA is through Coinhako and

a) Coinhako is a digital assets platform founded in Singapore. Users are able to purchase ADA/SGD on the platform directly through bank funds transfer. Unfortunately, users are unable to send/receive ADA to your wallet ie the purchase is mainly restricted to pure platform price trading. Upon enquiry with Coinhako, they are unable to provide a firm timeline when they could enable the send/receive function. As such, you would not be able to transfer ADA to your digital wallet for delegation. 

Should you wish to use this platform, do note that Coinhako charges a high transaction fee of 1% for each trade (ie once for buy, once for sell). There is also a max cap of $20,000sgd and withdrawal fee of $2 per time. 

We certainly hope the send/receive wallet function is enabled soon as this would make ADA purchase/ delegating way simpler. 

a) is a purely app-based digital assets exchange. Users are able to purchase ADA/SGD on the platform directly using credit card. Once purchased, users would also be able to transfer their ADA into their selected wallet. So what’s the catch? 

As with all credit cards, the FX rates incurred for purchases are very high. The spot buy prices on is also higher than other exchanges. Both of these would reduce your crypto holdings quite substantially. 

In addition, is currently not processing any new application requests from Singapore and upon enquiry, there are no firm timeline of when they are able to re-enable the services here. We would update again once we hear of any progress. 

Feel free to drop us an email/ Telegram msg if you wish to find out more/ have any questions and we would try to assist you as best as we can. 

Delegating to Huatpool

Now that you have setup either your Daedalus/ Yoroi wallet and are a proud holder of some ADA, its time to stake them via a stake pool and start earning rewards! The delegation process is really simple but there are a few points which we would like to highlight

Above two screenshots are taken from Daedalus and Yoroi. As mentioned earlier, the delegation process is really straightforward. 

a) View the list of Stake pools available for delegation.
b) Search for Huatpool to check our stake pool details.
c) Confirm your delegation to Huatpool.

After you have successfully delegated to a stake pool, it takes n+4 epochs or 20 days to receive your first rewards. please refer to the delegation cycle.

Example: Delegate in Epoch 252 (n), receive rewards at start of Epoch 256 (n+4).

 In gist, it takes the 1st epoch to activate your delegated stake. Once stake is activated and the pool produces block in 2nd epoch, the rewards will be calculated in epoch 3 and distributed at the start of epoch 4 ( ie n+4)

Note: rewards are automatically delegated to the same selected stake pool. For best rewards, choose a stake pool that has low saturation, low cost per epoch, low pool margin fees and high pledges.