Mission-Driven Pool Initiatives

1) Our Journey For A Better Natural World

2) Showcasing Other Smaller SPOs Within Ecosystem

a) To our best ability, Huat will donate a one-time corresponding sum at the end of every quarter, through Singapore’s Garden City Fund, to plant trees and/or corals. This would be based on a six-tier average active stake amount every quarter (about 18-20 Epochs)

b) Cardano Foundation announced a First Global Impact Challenge, aiming to plant 1m trees. On top of GCF, Huat will make a random donation between 15 – 500Ada towards CF’s mission and other future Global Impact Challenges, depending on pool performance and tiers achieved every quarter.

We made a 2nd donation to Garden City Fund on Epoch 311!

Current Quarter: Epoch 312- 330  Stake with Huat today and be part of our journey towards a better natural world. At current stake, we will be planting 1 tree at end quarter.

Click here for more details on our initiatives

a) As IOHK Chief Scientist Prof Aggelos Kiayias thoughtfully shared, we believe that a decentralized, diversified ecosystem will make the CardanoCommunity stronger and more resilient. This will future proof the blockchain, allowing it to become a global, secure and safe system for all to use. 

b) Every quarterly, we will showcase 10 other deserving smaller SPOs. Factors considered include blocks minted, active stake & initiatives etc. 

Supported Causes

Official Donations

As of Epoch 311, Huat has made the following donations:

– 2 trees through giving.sg for Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree campaign. 
– 115 trees though Veritree First Edition Initial Tree Offering.

A big thank you to all our delegators who helped made this possible!