Time flies and its the end of a quarter. Going back to our Initiative One, we managed to achieve Tier 1 this quarter and we are really happy to have made our first donation of $300 to Garden City Fund Plant-A-Tree campaign. Woots!

Updates on Mission-Driven Pool Initiatives

During Cardano Summit 2021, Cardano Foundation announced a partnership with Veritree for its first edition of Global Impact Challenge. This challenge aims to achieve a goal of planting a million trees and reducing the carbon footprint of the Cardano Ecosystem by four times over. Every 1 Ada donated = 1 tree planted and you would get Veritree Tokens with donations of 15Ada upwards! 

Imagine, and this is only the first edition of making our planet a greener place for all! We were convinced immediately,made our first donations and got our tokens!  

With this announcement, we reviewed our earlier initiatives to incorporate some new updates

Our Journey For A Better Natural World

We had simplified our graphics for easier reference, and included details such as different Tiers, clearer Tier average stake amounts etc
In addition to our quarterly donation to GCF, we would also make a random donation between 15 – 500Ada towards CF’s mission and other future Global Impact Challenges, depending on pool performance and tiers achieved every quarter. Yay to more trees! 

Showcasing SPOs/ Projects on Cardano Ecosystem

From Epoch 294 onwards, we would be alternating between showcasing SPO and projects.

Thus far, we had showcased 16 deserving SPOs. Some had made their first blocks or improved their delegations since, and we are happy for them one way or the other.

Going forward, we will be including projects onto the showcase. Huat will delve into and post a summarised writeup on one available and/or upcoming project within the community. These could range from Defi to NFTs to wallets. Through this, we hope to better and share our knowledge on useful products with everyone. 

Thank you everyone for your support! Huat ah!