Cardano 360 – July 2021

The July 2021 edition of Cardano 360 had plenty of updates on the ongoings within the Cardano Ecosystem, and there were plenty of good news to celebrate. We are going to break down some of these news into bite-sized content. 

if you are interested, we have linked the full video above and a condensed 4 mins version ( Thanks David!) highlighting the various key takeaways.


First up, an update on the Alonzo (smart contracts) roll out plan. With the successful implementation of blue and white, we are now in the purple stage. This would be split into 2 phases light purple (for simple smart contracts) and dark purple (for more complex smart contracts). With purple, we will expect more developers/ community members join the testnet.

 The timeline remains on track and barring any major challenges, we should enter the Goguen era in on 31 Aug 2021 / early Sep. This was further confirmed in Charles’s brief update separately. 

Next, we heard from our favourite lecturer Lars (who clearly has a thing for education) on the 2nd iteration of the Plutus Pioneer Program. While all his lectures are publicly and openly available, universities have expressed interest in adopting his curriculum for students. Lars also gave a brief update on his co-authoring of the book “Mastering Cardano”

Following that, we were updated on the progress status of the improved developer portal which is great source or information for anything Cardano-related. 

We also heard about the progress on the recent deal in Ethopia. With the first batch of onboarding of students onto Atala Prism (a decentralised identity solution to track education performance and background) targeted to be completed by year, John (Director of Africa ops) also spoke on other opportunities in Ghana, Tanzania and other parts of the continent. There was an excerpt on the recent interview with World Mobile and Charles but the full video is linked below. Bank the unbanked, connect the unconnected.  

Next Ben (community team lead) brought us through updates on his interactions with the community and took the opportunity to introduce his new team mates. They are working towards the creation of a common shared space and a digest for community users to share ideas

Lastly, there was an update on Project Catalyst and the just-concluded Fund 5. Cardano now has over 32000 unique wallets, 3.2billion voting power and 30% more voters taking part in choosing their favourite CIPs to fund and develop the ecosystem further. Fund 6 would have $4m ada available for funding with a slightly extended voting period. 

There was also a sharing on the improvement of the Catalyst circle, which would wholly represent the various stakeholders within the community.

That’s it! See you at next update