Codenar (CDN) stake pool was set up by Mr T on Epoch 284. Another SPO from our Southeast Asia neighbours Thailand, their primary channels provide a wide education outreach in the native Thai language, helping to share the Cardano protocols through language barriers and serve as another decentralised part of the ecosystem. 

The pool currently has 505 delegators with an active stake of 2.5m, and a 556k Ada pledge. It currently charges 1% fees and has minted 40 lifetime blocks.

Read on more about CDN and their mission.  

Why them?

We at Huat believes in Cardano’s mission of decentralisation. However, we understand that not everyone speaks English as their native language. Hence it can be quite challenging for the unbanked, unconnected to understand what Cardano is truly all about. 

One of the mission of CDN is to provide / translate educational content and news into the native Thai Language. Their Youtube channel, Telegram group and Twitter provide regular news/updates of the Cardano protocol and designs in Thai. With a 7.84k YT subscribers, the outreach is certainly expansive for a fairly new SPO. 

Huat is inspired by these SPOs and would explore sharing updates/ news in a different language eventually. We firmly believe that this is a good step towards achieving decentralisation.

Twitter screengrab
Examples of topics discussed

CDN is setup for server reliability in mind, with a commitment to run the nodes (1BP, 2Relay) 24/7. Their servers’ specifications are future-proof with 4vCPU, 16GbRAM, SSD Persistent Disk, and Daily backups. 

As a fellow SPO, we understand the hard work and commitment required to operate a pool professionally and efficiently. Above all else, the dedication to share our beliefs in the design philosophy of Cardano and to ensure that our delegators earn their just rewards are fundamental to any pool operations.

In line with our Initiative 2, where we promote well deserving/ hard working pools, CDN has clearly earn one of the spots on our showcase initiative. Do give CDN pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:


Huat to CDN–> Thanks for supporting the ecosystem and decentralisation. We are motivated/ inspired by your work . Our showcase may be small but we certainly wish CDN all the best in improving your stake!