ADI stake pool was set up on Epoch 211. Based in Indonesia, our friends from neighbouring Southeast Asia are pioneers within the SPO community, together with our mentor Kopi pool, helping to serve as a decentralised part of the ecosystem since ITN. 

The pool currently has 494 delegators with an active stake of 3.21m, and a 80k Ada pledge. It currently charges 0.8% fees and has minted 657 lifetime blocks.

Read on more about ADI and help them increase delegations! 

Why them?

Having been in the community since Epoch 211, ADI has been one of the stalwart SPO within Indonesia. For folks who may be unfamiliar, the infrastructure in Indonesia can sometimes be very haphazard, and it takes a lot of effort/ time to upkeep a pool with these restrictions, while ensuring a continued high level of standard (as seen in its lifetime blocks and regular monitoring). 

ADI also serve as an education point and outreach for folks living within the archipelago, with articles written in Bahasa Indonesia to explain about Cardano and its protocol designs. ADI is a proud member of the Single Pool Alliance and has shared that it would run the pool for minimally 5 years.

Source: ADI Live Dashboard

As a fellow SPO, we understand the challenges of running pool operations. Besides constant marketing and proven track records of minting blocks, it can sometimes be frustrating to see a continued dip in live stake (essentially the top factor for pool attractiveness). Although ADI has a wealth of experience since ITN days, its has regularly been losing stake since Epoch 265 ( and pool attractiveness alongside). While its current live stake is comparable to other small pools and it is still regularly minting blocks, we certainly hope its stake / delegations will increase upwards to a fair representation of their background/ commitment. 

Of course, ADI has always been a mission-driven pool since its inception, with its focus about helping the less fortunate in Indonesia. 10% of the pool’s reward will be donated to Rumah Zakat Indonesia, a philanthropic institution in Indonesia that manages donations, alms, and other social funds through community empowerment programs.

Till date, ADI has donated about $4,151 USD (59,445,000 IDR) in 2021. 

Proof of Donation 2021

As such, they are well deserving to earn one of the spots on our showcase initiative. Do give ADI pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:


Huat to ADI–> Thanks for supporting the ecosystem since ITN. We are continuously inspired by your work and chairitable efforts. Our mentor Kopi has always spoken highly about ADI and as pioneers within the Southeast Asian Cardano community. Our showcase may be small but we certainly wish ADI all the best in improving your stake back to a fair level!