Cardano 360 -Mar 2021

The March monthly edition was a jam-packed 3+ hours of updates within the Cardano Ecosystem, and there were plenty of good news to cheer about! In our first blog post, we are going to break down some of these news into bite-sized content. 

if you are interested, we have linked the full video below and a condensed 7 mins version ( Thanks David!) highlighting the various key takeaways.

Cardano 360 - March 2021

Huat thoughts

The Cardano ecosystem has been busy, with updates from multiple ongoing projects and integration with other like-minded companies. Despite missed timelines in the earlier days (and of course a postponement due to the big crash in Jan 2018), the upcoming progress and roadmap certainly look very promising as it continues to achieve its goals of dencentralisation. 

Looking forward to the next few monthly updates!