[Initiative 2] – Epoch 276 SPO Showcase – Coco


Coco pool is based in US with 13 delegators and a current active stake of 315.3k. They were first registered on Epoch 211 and since then, had been through up and downs with their delegation and stake movement.

Although they had minted 49 blocks thus far, the majority of these (38 by count) were due to the IOG cycle of stake delegation to help grow small pools. With reduced block production, the pool is facing a outward movement trend of delegators/ stake.

They are currently charging a fee of 350Ada +2%. While they had recently reduced their pledge on 2 occasions, their existing pledge of 300k Ada is still way above the average pledges for SPOs and reflects their continued commitment to be part of the community.  

Why them?

For the SPOs who have been on Twitter for a while, you may have receive a sudden notification with one of these two taglines

” Coco pool has less than 10m and so do these pools”
“Coco pool makes blocks and so do these pools”

Huatpool was grateful to be mentioned on several occasions. More importantly, Coco took the effort to highlight other small SPOs. We believe this is a healthy initiative for the community

Next, Coco produced a series of informative (and pretty cute) cards on commonly used Jargon within the Cardano community. These are openly shared on github/ website and serves to improve understanding to blockchain and Cardano in general. 

As such, they are well deserving to earn one of the first few spots on our showcase initiative. Do give Cocopool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:

Huat to Coco –> hope you get your 50th block soon, cheers for the earlier mentions!