ADACO stake pool was set up on Epoch 269 by a group of IT professionals and volunteers, who are crypto enthusiasts and mission driven to make the world a better place.

The pool currently has 14 delegators with an active stake of 29.5, and a 2.8k Ada pledge. It has recently lost 95% of its stake to ISPO and multi-pools. It currently charges 0% fees and has minted 3 lifetime blocks.

Read on more about ADACO and help them regain the capability to mint more blocks!

Why them?

We at Huat has always appreciated and recognised SPOs driven with a mission instead of simply operating for full rewards (or worse still changing margin right before Epoch to 99% after receiving IOG’s delegation). It is one thing to serve as a decentralised node for the Cardano ecosystem, another to go beyond our individual means to help improve the lives of those that are less fortunate. Besides the monetary benefits derived, we believe having the passion/ empathy to help others are more aligned with Charles and Cardano’s enduring vision to make the world a better place for all

ADACO is one clear example. The pool owners and team certainly have the technical expertise to produce blocks, given enough stake. They were on the rise, and have minted 3 blocks, before losing a majority of their stake to upcoming ISPOs/ Multi-pools. While anyone’s stake is for themselves to delegate, we find it a huge loss for the community that mission-driven pools such as ADACO are slowly being grinded down. Even changing their margins to 0% may not allow them to compete effectively with larger pools which promises better rewards. 

Yes, one may argue that the current parameters has an optimal of 500 fully saturated pools, but if we begin to lose mission-driven pools such as ADACO and incline towards profit-first pools, we fear there may be eventually be a growing mismatch between Cardano’s original vision and SPO driving factor. 

Big pey (BLOOM) addressed this recently in a tweet, which we found to be relevant. 

Above is a snapshot of ADACO’s latest donations. While low on stake, they continued their mission of helping the less fortunate and this reason alone is enough for Huat to include them as the showcase this epoch. 

Do give ADACO pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:


Huat to ADACO > Do not be dismayed and continue doing good. There are always people keeping in touch and we believe that in time, ADACO would improve your stake and mint your next few blocks. Meanwhile, we hope this quick shoutout provides a little motivation for the team. Good luck!