Our Tenth Block, Minted! Epoch 265

A big thank you to all our delegators, for helping Huatpool achieve yet another milestone in our SP operations. We had minted our 10th block during Epoch 265, and will take some time to do a quick celebration! 

As Cardano continues it visionary progress, we would like to give a shout out to all the backend developers, staff, liaision, networking and marketing folks at IOHK, for dedicating their time and effort to ensure that the Cardano ecosystem and community remains focused and  committed. 

We at Huatpool are firmly committed with Cardano’s vision and will continue to provide a fair, safe and robust staking platform for all interested ADA holders to earn rewards together. Please refer to our homepage for our tenets and rates. 

Very exciting times ahead, and Huatpool is grateful to be a small part of this all.