PANL stake pool was set up on Epoch 263 by Ryan, Brandon and Bob, who are crypto enthusiasts with vast IT experience/ systems administration background.

The pool currently has 7 delegators with an active stake of 75.8k, and a 25k Ada pledge. It currently charges 1% fees and has minted 1 lifetime blocks.

Read on more about PANL and help them mint more blocks!

Why them?

Besides running the stake pool, PANL also operates the smash servers (stake pool listings) in Daedalus wallet. These are stake pool metadata aggregation servers which helps to highlight the Cardano Single Pool Alliance and Cardano Mission-driven pools. 

To support  decentralisation across the Cardano ecosystem, PANL also maintains a set of wallets dedicated to a rotating delegation to other deserving stake pools from the community. 

As such, they are well deserving to earn one of the spots on our showcase initiative. Do give PANL pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:


Huat to PANL–> All the best in improving your stake and getting your next few blocks soon!


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