PSYA stake pool was set up on Epoch 252 by Lukas who is an experienced software developer, living in a camper van, an active street musician and speaks four languages

The pool currently has 128 delegators with an active stake of 314.5k (improved live stake to 2.34M in Epoch 289),  and a 15k Ada pledge. It currently charges 0% fees and has minted 10 lifetime blocks.  

Read on more about PSYA and help them mint more blocks! 

Why them?

Alright, who doesn’t love mushrooms and street musicians? Lukas has a knack for using simple graphics to explain basic concepts of Cardano, ranging from staking to wallet walkthoughs, to minting NFTS etc. As a fluent speaker of four languages, the content are replicated in English, Czech, Spanish and French. Take a look at his youtube channel linked below.

20% of pool rewards are also donated towards psychedelic research & plant medicine-related projects. It is Lukas/ PSYA’s belief that these would raise higher awareness on the use of psychedelics and plant based medicine for therapeutic and medical purposes. Used responsibly, it is possible that they could help address mental health related disorders stemming from an increasingly stressful society. 

Till date, PSYA has donated $1183.50 and help planted 223 trees worldwide. 

As such, they are well deserving to earn one of the spots on our showcase initiative. Do give PSYA pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:

Huat to PSYA–> Congrats on the improved stake! All the best in minting more blocks/ donating to psychadelic research!