Alonzo hardfork a success!

#Alonzohardfork is a success & smartcontracts are now live on Cardano! Welcome to the #Goguen era

To Charles, the 58 names he mentioned & everyone on the Cardano community who worked tirelessly to make this come true, let’s take a breather to celebrate this monumental day, go to sleep, wake up and continue working towards the shared vision.

Love the ghostbuster parody from the team. What a better swipe at FUDsters calling Cardano a Ghost chain? Call in the ghostbusters.

Amidst the celebration, it’s good to keep in mind that this is not a destination but rather a pitstop on the road to greater and more exciting things to come. We cannot wait to see the birth of a new developer ecosystem, steady iterations and improvements ahead!

Congrats everyone!