With smart contracts coming soon to Cardano, why stop at the moon when we can go even further to Pluto? 

Featuring PLUTO stake pool, a veteran SPO who first registered back on Epoch 249. It has minted a total 7 lifetime blocks but has recently seen their active stake decrease tremendously with a baby whale leaving. 

With a decent pledge of 10k ADA, they are currently charging 1% fees and a fixed cost of 345ADA. 

Do help PLUTO regain their consistency! 

Why them?

With the recent UN report on climate change, we at Huat remains firmly committed to the betterment of our human society through supporting climate/ nature causes. 

PLUTO has pledged to donate 20% of their profits towards climate change projects around the world, and this is an initiative which Huat can identify with. Till date, PLUTO has donated twice (around 140ADA) and could use help to more donations! 

PLUTO has a released their own NFT (Non-fungible tokens) of their logo and it is heartwarming to see SPOs investing time and effort into exploring the native assets on the Cardano blockchain. PLUTO is active across social platforms, improving outreach by sharing on Cardano’s news and updates. 

As such, they are well deserving to earn one of the spots on our showcase initiative. Do give PLUTO pool a visit if you are interested in their work. Connect with them via below:

Huat to PLUTO–> All the best in improving your stake and getting your next few blocks soon!