Cardano 360 – July 2021 The July 2021 edition of Cardano 360 had plenty of updates on the ongoings within the Cardano Ecosystem, and there were plenty of good news to celebrate. We are going to break down some of these news into bite-sized content.  if you are interested, we have linked the full video above and a condensed 4 […]

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Epoch 275 – 50th Block Minted & Announcement on Two Initiatives

We minted our 50th block in Epoch 275! Thank you to our delegators for helping Huatpool achieve yet another milestone! Your continued belief and trust in us is key to why we continue to do what we do. Huatpool is grateful to be a small part of the Cardano ecosystem. With smart contracts launching in

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Cardano in Africa!

What happened? It has been a week plus since an announcement was made between IOHK and the Government of Ethopia to bring digital identity to 5million of its teachers/students. At the same time, it was updated that there were discussions to bring mobile connectivity and financial idential to 100m users in Tanzania.  Understandably, this are

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